Well look at that, you found Kyle's website.

I make stuff, mostly for the internet. Other than that, I grow vegetables and hang out with my wonderful partner Kelley.

For the past decade or so, I've worked at Metabase. As a founding team member there, I've worn many hats, but I'm most proud of my influence on our brand and voice, product design ethos, and overall user experience. I like to think we've added a much needed element of humanity to the world of "business intelligence."

When it comes to work, my core strength is my ability to "make it real". I love combining my skills in product design, writing, code and storytelling to go from conversation to, proof of concept, to shipped feature quickly. While I can do that entire journey on my own, I also know how to spot and leverage other team members' talents to get them involved in making something faster and easier than we thought was possible.

This is my only real home online, I gave up on social media years ago because it wasn't making me happy. If you'd like to reach out, please send one of those digital letters to hello at kdoh.co